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At Aspies@Work, we understand that being different and trying to find your place in the world is not always easy.


Our team of experts and advisors are largely neurodiverse individuals, and we are ready to help you develop strategies to not only survive but thrive as a neurodivergent worker.

Since 2018, we’ve been helping neurodiverse individuals to find and keep meaningful work.   We think the statistics on autistic unemployment is absolutely saddening and we wish to change this.  We understand that neurodivergence benefits teams and organizations with innovative thinking and problem-solving. This is something we wish to be known! 


Register with us to join the Aspies@Work database, to get connected with employers who will support your needs and value your individual talents. 

Some friendly faces

Autumn O'Connor

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Autumn is the Executive Editor at Untapped, Creative Lead at Neurodiversity Hub and also Founder of Aspie Rebels. She is dedicated to helping autistic and other neurodiverse individuals find meaningful work.

Andrew Eddy

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Andrew is the Director of Untapped and Neurodiversity Hub and a business consultant, experienced with human resources and operational management issues. He is extremely interested in supporting neurodiverse individuals to find success in their chosen endeavours.



If you want to be *seen* for all your talent and skills, instead of your ability to make small talk...

If you have a diagnosis or are pursing one currently...

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